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Plumbing In Columbus GA Closer Look At Water Leaks

Residential plumbing can be so frustrating. One day everything is fine. The next, you look under the sink, and there’s a wet spot on the bottom of the cabinet.

As we continue to look at a variety of plumbing issues, we will examine common causes of basic water leaks, clogs, and septic plumbing. These posts are presented to give homeowners a basic understanding of what’s involved and what they can do when working alongside a plumber.

The Least Sexy Plumbing Upgrade More About The Water Heater

You’re really saving up for that new home theater system, the ultra, ultra high def TV, a boat, a car, an iPad, anything, really, besides a water heater.

But statistics show that, as a homeowner, chances are that sometime, when you least expect it, your water heater will stop working and you’ll need to replace it. estimates about 27 million U.S. households have a water heater 10 to 12 years old and, since the life expectancy of storage water heaters (the most popular type in residential homes) is 10 to 15 years tops, a bunch of water heaters are going to be replaced in the next few years.

Your water heater may be one.

In this post we take a closer look at two of the most popular water heater types — storage tank and tankless — concluding with water heater issues, a few maintenance tips, and simple ways to reduce water heating bills.

The Least Sexy Plumbing Upgrade The Water Heater

When considering plumbing upgrades around the house, the least sexy purchase, albeit most important, may be the water heater. With it, those showers and baths are relaxing. Without it, the house is in chaos.

More than a year ago now, the new Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency standards for water heaters went into effect and could be troublesome for some homeowners.

Yes, replacing an existing water heater will cost more, but how much depends on the equipment and technology chosen.

What you get in return for that extra dinero is moderate-to-significant energy efficiency, again depending on the equipment and technology chosen.

In this post we look at the impact of the DOE water heater efficiency standards, the types of equipment available to homeowners, and purchase considerations.

If you have any questions regarding the new standards and what they mean or your home, discuss them with your plumber or plumbing contractor when they make a house call to examine your existing water heater. If to have specific needs, there are plumbers who specialize in “water heater” service and installation.

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