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Sewer Leak Plumbing Columbus GA

A sewer leak is not a plumbing issue any homeowner wants to experience. A leaking sewer pipe poses multiple health risks for both your family and the community from sewer effluent. In addition, a leaking sewer pipe can cause costly structural damage to your home and its foundation. A sewer pipe leak is a plumbing emergency requiring immediate repair. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide the repair required for your plumbing.

When you smell a sewer odor, it means there is a problem in the sewer, drainage, or ventilation system. The problem may be as simple as the evaporation of water in a seldom-used drain trap, or as serious as a leaking sewer pipe. In the situation of the former, running water down the drain is the solution. For anything else, you will require the services of a plumber to diagnose and repair the issue in your home’s plumbing and surrounding areas.

While subtle warnings may occur with a developing sewer pipe issue such as a clog, it often seems as if a sewer leak occurs without warning. The fact is a sewer pipe leak can be ongoing for years before the homeowner becomes aware of its presence.

Slow drainage may indicate a developing clog. A clog left untreated, can result in a burst sewer pipe. At the same time, a sewer pipe filled with tree roots, or that is otherwise damaged, can result in slow drainage and a sewer leak.

Leaking of sewer effluent can contaminate the water table, wells and surface water, such as lakes and creeks with disease causing bacteria and viruses. Sewer line repair or replacement calls for a qualified licensed professional equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to diagnose, locate, and provide the repair of leaking sewer lines. Sewer pipe repair restores the efficiency and drainage of your home’s plumbing.

Common signs of sewer line problems include:

  • The pooling of water on the lawn
  • Lush green grass over and near the sewer pipe
  • Sewer odor
  • Sunken areas on the lawn
  • Poorly flushing toilets and drains that are slow or won’t drain at all
  • Sewer backup

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing uses the latest video pipe inspection tools to assess the condition of your home’s sewer pipes, providing an accurate diagnosis of the problem. With video pipe inspection, the plumber is able to identify the nature of the problem, its exact location, including depth, enabling repair to focus on the affected area. This technique will disclose if a section or the entire sewer line requires repair or replacement. A video pipe inspection can identify tree root invasion or other blockage, separated sewer pipe, offset pipe joints, bellied pipe, or a broken pipe, for example.

Our licensed plumbers will provide you with exceptional service and all the benefits of their expertise. To receive professional plumbing repair or the installation of residential or commercial plumbing contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers reliable plumbers with expertise. To receive sewer pipe repair, maintenance, or other plumbing services for your plumbing give us a call. Our professional plumbers serve Columbus, GA, Opelika, Auburn, AL, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

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