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Sewer Leak Plumbing Columbus GA

A sewer leak is not a plumbing issue any homeowner wants to experience. A leaking sewer pipe poses multiple health risks for both your family and the community from sewer effluent. In addition, a leaking sewer pipe can cause costly structural damage to your home and its foundation. A sewer pipe leak is a plumbing emergency requiring immediate repair. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide the repair required for your plumbing.

When you smell a sewer odor, it means there is a problem in the sewer, drainage, or ventilation system. The problem may be as simple as the evaporation of water in a seldom-used drain trap, or as serious as a leaking sewer pipe. In the situation of the former, running water down the drain is the solution. For anything else, you will require the services of a plumber to diagnose and repair the issue in your home’s plumbing and surrounding areas.

Water Leak Water Line Repair Columbus GA

A break in a home’s water supply line may not be the most common plumbing problem; however, it certainly isn’t rare. A broken water line is going to elevate the water bill, and cause extreme inconvenience. Unfortunately, not all water leaks are as obvious as a large puddle of water on the lawn or a geyser spurting into the air. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can take care of it for you. Contact our dedicated and skilled plumbers for water line repair. The following is what you need to know when a water leak is known or suspected.

Plumbing In Columbus GA Closer Look At Water Leaks

Residential plumbing can be so frustrating. One day everything is fine. The next, you look under the sink, and there’s a wet spot on the bottom of the cabinet.

As we continue to look at a variety of plumbing issues, we will examine common causes of basic water leaks, clogs, and septic plumbing. These posts are presented to give homeowners a basic understanding of what’s involved and what they can do when working alongside a plumber.

Water Filtration System Auburn AL

If you are shopping for a water filtration system, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of systems available. The first step in obtaining the filtration you need is to obtain a water quality report. The report identifies any contaminants in your water, and serves as your guide in selecting the appropriate water filtration system required. A Benjamin Franklin Plumber offers quality water filtration systems, and the expertise in providing professional water filtration installation, repair and maintenance.

Installing a water filtration system ensures you are drinking clean, filtered water, a factor that cannot be relied on with bottled water.

The Least Sexy Plumbing Upgrade More About The Water Heater

You’re really saving up for that new home theater system, the ultra, ultra high def TV, a boat, a car, an iPad, anything, really, besides a water heater.

But statistics show that, as a homeowner, chances are that sometime, when you least expect it, your water heater will stop working and you’ll need to replace it. estimates about 27 million U.S. households have a water heater 10 to 12 years old and, since the life expectancy of storage water heaters (the most popular type in residential homes) is 10 to 15 years tops, a bunch of water heaters are going to be replaced in the next few years.

Your water heater may be one.

In this post we take a closer look at two of the most popular water heater types — storage tank and tankless — concluding with water heater issues, a few maintenance tips, and simple ways to reduce water heating bills.

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